How Not to be a Crazy EX Girlfriend

How not to become a Psycho EX Girlfriend
How not to become a Psycho EX Girlfriend

Not to be a Crazy EX Girlfriend

I think I’ve mentioned it plenty of times but I’m gonna repeat myself… Breakup is not easy, it hurts and it sucks. It’s not easy going through a simple break up but if the reason of breakup is a guy’s mistake( like cheating) or there is no reason of break up (like your true love just declare that he wants to be break up out of blue) then it gets more difficult because for once we can go through heartbreak and pain but the anger and desperation is not that easy to manage.

Out of control emotions are not a pleasant feeling like we want to break into your house and then hug you tight and then kill you with knife… it’s a ragging war within ourselves but the worst part is we need control both the urges but here I’m once again and I’m gonna help you how not to become a psycho ex- girlfriend.

Cut off all Contacts

Yeah… like leaving cold turkey is that easy but… darling it’s the only option! After break you need some peace and you are not getting it by constantly staking him on Facebook or instagram. Now pick up your phone delete his number, unfriend him on Facebook, unfollow him on Instagram, Twitter and snapchat and while you are doing it please delete old chats and messages as well. We don’t need any reminders.. right!

Yoga /Gymming /boxing /karate

You need to channel all your irritation and anger to a better source and what’s better than getting your fitness back out of your broken relationship. Choose a physical hobby and distract yourself with it.

New Look

If you were waiting to get a different haircut, hair color or even changing your whole wardrobe… do it now! Believe me getting a new look is a foolproof way to getting over your ex.

Don’t Lower your Standards

Just because of this stupid guy we are not gonna compromise our morals and standard. Look in a mirror… into your eyes and repeat after me ” I’m better than this ” this is the mantra that will remind you that this situation does not define you.

Ladies if you are still getting this compulsive feeling to do some stupid thing which you know you are gonna regret later then talk it out… it doesn’t matter to whom take to your friend, family or use professional help of needed but don’t let this moment of weakness make you a crazy ex girlfriend.

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