Easy Steps How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself
Simple Ways – How to Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a photo quoting ” You will have to love yourself first before you can love other people better ”. I just stared at this photo for five minutes and realizes what it says is very true… Today we live in a society where judging others is a norm and being in peace with yourself is getting rare. Now we don’t love ourselves but we expect other people to love us which is kind of impossible. If your relationship with yourself is not good then it is gonna affect your other relationships (love, family, friends).

Now living yourself doesn’t mean being an egomaniac and start believing you are better than everyone it’s just accepting your flaws so no one can use them against you. Not letting the negative experience, opinions of others and their treatment let you down. Ultimately you are the one you have to spend your life with so why bother giving a reaction to haters. okay, so here’s some tips on how to love yourself :

Know your worth

First you need to value yourself before you expect other people to value you. Always know that you are worth it.

Who am I

Understand yourself. Acknowledge your strength and your weakness and don’t beat yourself for your weakness.

Accept your Flaws

Accepting your flaws means accepting the fact that you are not perfect, you are a human and human are not supposed to be perfect. Humans are supposed to be Real and good hearted.

Stop caring about other’s opinions

People are going to say something and most of the time that something will be negative. You can’t shut these people, all you can do is not listen to them.

Stop Comparing

You are a different person and you are not supposed to be a replica of another person so stop comparing yourself and do not let anyone else compare you to others.

Do not settle

I’m not talking about just your love life. Do not settle in your career as well. Second best is still not the best. Do not compromise your beliefs, values, morals or your health.

Loving yourself is not easy and most difficult part in loving yourself is accepting your flaws… but its a change we need ASAP. People who love themselves everything falls in place for them and we owe it to ourself.



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