Do’s and Dont’s of Dating a Curvy Girl – Beautiful Tips

Do's and Dont's of Dating a Curvy Girl
Do’s and Dont’s of Dating a Curvy Girl

Loving Plus Size Women

Much to the shame of society loving a curvy woman is a taboo and body shaming is a culture. There is a whole misconception about curvy women that they are insecure about their bodies so they will be easy prey… So first there is an advice for plus size women that if you are overweight you don’t have to settle for second best and specially not with a guy who makes you feel that he is doing a favour because he is dating you. There are many decent guys who will love you for you not because you are an easy prey or because they have some stupid fat fetish. Now lets talk to guys who are decently attracted to a plus size girl but is afraid to approach her because you don’t know do’s and dont’s of dating a curvy girl. Here are some tips for you:

First Interaction shouldn’t be about weight

Rule 101 for dating a fat chick is never use plus size pick up like and I mean NEVER! Guys who use lines like ” I love every inch of you and have lots inches” have 100% changes of getting blocked. These type of pick up lines makes you look like you have a fat chick fetish and you will date any girl who fits the type and honestly I’m repulsed by these type of guys.

Show her your Worth

One things you need to learn about overweight girls are that they have been hurt many times by society, friends and even by her own family so if she is a little slow to trust then they have a decent reason to be suspicious. You need to take things slow, show her you are genuinely interested and show her your worth.

Dirty little Secret

Do not expect a girl to feel privileged because you are dating her. Most guys love curvy women but only in safety of bedroom. If you are embarrassed to be seen with a fat chick outside the house then let her go. Curvy girls are not desperate enough to date a guy like YOU!


The biggest mistake you can do with a plus size girl is compare her with anyone. Don’t compare her with Angelina Jolie and DO NOT compare her with Kardashians.

Plus size compliments

If your compliments are laced with sarcasm she don’t need it. There are many compliments that are worse than any insult… like

— What a lovely dress… where did you get that size.
— For a girl of your size you are eating very healthy food
— This dress is really great as it hides your tummy.

So here’s a things why don’t you compliment her character if you can’t have any decent compliments for her personality. But the truth is if you love a girl her size wouldn’t matter to you.

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